Verdicts & Settlements

A sample of the firm’s gross verdicts and settlements are as follows (verification available upon request):


(Carman) v. IC $435,000.00
(Carman) v. N&W $500,000.00
(Carman) v. N&W $678,125.00
(Carman) v. ICG $1,200,000.00
(Trackman) v. C&NW $517,000.00
(Trackman) v. C&NW $440,000.00
(Carman) v. CCP $357,000.00
(Trackman) v. AT&SF $1,100.000.00
(Trackman) v. IC $350,000.00
(Carman) v. N&W $500,000.00
(Engineer) v. Dravo $1,150,000.00
(Trainman) v. ATSF $1,500,000.00
(Engineer) v. N&W $935,833.00
(Trackman) v. C&NW $1,000,000.00
(Brakeman) v. Continental Grain $1,500,000.00
(Trackman) v. AT&SF $760,000.00
(Engineer) v. AT&SF $1,137,860.00
(Conductor/Switchman) v. N&W $1,000,000.00
(Truck Driver) v. Libla Ind. $450,000.00
(Signal Maintainer) v. N&W $1,550,000.00
(Signal Maintainer) v. N&W $1,500,000.00
(B&B Carpenter) v. Soo Line $850,000.00
(Trainman) v. UP $655,000.00
(Trackman) v. BNSF $417,000


(Track Asst. Supervisor) v. N&W $975,000.00
(Engineer) v. BN $916,332.00
R. S. v. ICG (Trackman) $600,000.00
(Pipefitter) v. Modern 3,100,000.00
(Engineer) v. N&W $425,000.00
(Engineer) v. N&W $625,000.00
(Trackman)v. C&NW and M-K  $994,346.80
(Carman)v. N&W $500,000.00
(Trackman)v. N&S $650,000.00
(B & B Carpenter) v. NS 2,750,000.00
(Machine Operator) v. BNSF $600,000.00
(Engineer) v. BNSF $742,500.00
(Signal Maintainer) v. NS 1,150.000.00
(Firefighter) v. USAC, et al 2,000.000.00
(Machine Operator) v. UP $750,000.00
(Trackman) v. TRRA $800,000.00
(Trackman) v. BNSF $650,000.00
(Trackman) v. BNSF 1,750.000.00
(B & B Carpenter) v. BNSF $550,000.00
(Welder) v. BNSF $2,000,000.00
(Foreman) v. NS $1,100,000.00
(Machine Operator) v. BNSF $700,000.00
(Trackman) v. BNSF $3,000,000.00
(Foreman) v. A&S $800,000.00

We are providing you with this limited list of settlements and verdicts as a representation of our track record.

For the purpose of this list, we are identifying our clients by their job title and are withholding names in order to protect their identities. In addition, many settlement agreements with railroads and other defendants contain confidentiality clauses that prevent us from divulging further information.