Verdicts & Settlements

A sample of the firm’s gross verdicts and settlements are as follows (verification available upon request):


C. H. v. IC (Carman) $435,000.00
P. G. v. N&W (Carman) $500,000.00
J. G. v. N&W (Carman) $678,125.00
C. E. v. ICG (Carman) $1,200,000.00
A. D. v. C&NW (Trackman) $517,000.00
T. L. v. C&NW (Trackman) $440,000.00
H. S. v. CCP (Carman) $357,000.00
F. R. v. AT&SF (Trackman) $1,100.000.00
E. D. v. IC (Trackman) $350,000.00
J. H. v. N&W (Carman) $500,000.00
K. S. v. Dravo (Engineer) $1,150,000.00
S. K. v. ATSF (Trainman) $1,500,000.00
J. C. v. N&W (Engineer) $935,833.00
R. K.v. C&NW (Trackman) $1,000,000.00
J. H. v. Continental Grain (Brakeman) $1,500,000.00
J. R. v. AT&SF (Trackman) $760,000.00
S. K v. AT&SF (Engineer) $1,137,860.00
J. G. v. N&W (Conductor/Switchman) $1,000,000.00
E. F. v. Libla Ind. (Truck Driver) $450,000.00
D. B. v. N&W (Signal Maintainer) $1,550,000.00
K. B. v. N&W (Signal Maintainer) $1,500,000.00
J. R. v. Soo Line (B & B Carpenter) $850,000.00
D. S. v. UP (Trainman) $655,000.00
S.L. v. BNSF (Trackman) $417,000


J. B. v. N&W (Asst. Supervisor – Track Department) $975,000.00
G. L. v. BN (Engineer) $916,332.00
R. S. v. ICG (Trackman) $600,000.00
W. R. v. Modern (Pipefitter) 3,100,000.00
L. C. v. N&W (Engineer) $425,000.00
L. J. v. N&W (Engineer) $625,000.00
D. M. v. C&NW and M-K (Trackman)  $994,346.80
J. H. v. N&W (Carman) $500,000.00
R. B. v. N&S (Trackman) $650,000.00
K. M. v. Norfolk Southern (B & B Carpenter) 2,750,000.00
W. M. v. BNSF (Machine Operator) $600,000.00
J. M. v.BNSF (Engineer) $742,500.00
D. J. v. NS (Signal Maintainer) 1,150.000.00
A. C. v. USAC, et al (Firefighter) 2,000.000.00
K.L. v. UP (Machine Operator) $750,000.00
N. M. v. TRRA (Trackman) $800,000.00
R. R. v. BN (Trackman) $650,000.00
T. A. v. BNSF (Trackman) 1,750.000.00
W. T. v. BNSF (B & B Carpenter) $550,000.00

We are providing you with a limited list of settlements and verdicts that we have obtained in the past several years which are fairly representative of our track record. Please understand there is no breach of confidentiality in providing you with this list since all the verdicts listed are a matter of public record and permission was obtained from each client listed on the settlement section to divulge the amount.

However, within the past few years, railroads have begun to require confidentiality agreements in settlements to prevent other employees from learning what a particular case is settled for. As a result there are numerous settlements that cannot be listed by name.